Conditions of sale – breeding cats

I do not sell my cats to Neva breeders. Even those who separate nem and traditional on their catteries, I prefer to place my kittens on catteries that breed exclusively traditional cats and are interested in the Clean Genealogy project.

Clean Genealogy   click to access the Clean Genealogy project.

The future of this wonderful breed is entirely in the hands of today’s breeders. 
Breeding Siberians is an immense pleasure but it is also an huge responsibility. The breed is healthy,  has a lot to offer and it is our duty to preserve these beautiful cats by breeding responsibly and respectfully.

If you fit the profile, then I would be glad to see my babies leaving for breeding/show purposes and only the best elements will be offered. 
However, I would like and need to know more about your installations and your future plans, about your cats if you already have cats.
It is my duty to watch over my babies and make sure they are going to be happy. Siberians need space and attention and I cannot sell a stud who will be living on a bathroom for example. You need a structure and rooms with  space  (10m2 more or less per cat)  heating on winter (minimum 12/15 degrees) a cat tree, toys and a cozy bed. Siberians need company feline and human, a cat cannot spend 98% of his/her time alone. Also high quality food is required, available at all times.

If you are interested in purchasing a kitten for breeding with me, please send me a letter introducing yourself and talking about your plans, your cattery and please enclose a link to your own website.  For the ones starting a cattery, it is a more delicate matter but I am still open to receive your letter with goals and plans for the future, knowing that my cats cannot be mixed with NEVA and a contract according to the law of the country the cat is being sold to, will be signed by both parts.

Cats will leave the cattery at 12/16 weeks:

  • Cats will leave at 12 weeks with full vaccination and microship. The ones going overseas  at 16 weeks after rabies vaccination.p1050182
  •  Cats sold overseas will leave with the new owner carried by hand in cabin or with a courier in the same way, carried by hand in cabin. No other possibility are available and I do not ship cats with cargo systems.
  • A contract is made according to the law at the country the cat is being sold to. The general conditions and a copy of this contract made for the Uk will be available for consultation soon on this page.
  • My cats cannot and will not be crossed with Neva or any other breed.  The same goes to their future offspring (one of the clauses of the contract).
  • Overseas catteries cannot sell a Damman Amur’s offspring to France, Switerland or to Russia. (one of the clauses o the contract).
  •  All cats leave with a copy of the Pedigree receipt provided by the LOOF and the pedigree itself will be sent as soon as available as the LOOF takes a couple of months to deliver the document. A Fife Pedigree can be requested as well.
  • The copy of parents pedigree, Russian and French will be joined as well as parent’s Fife tittles, medical tests and photos.
  • The price of a Damman Amur stud or queen varies between 1.500 euros up to 1.600 euros (for a silver stud).
  • I propose to make any supplementary tests on babies like CP gene (at the moment this test is not necessary as all my cats are CP neg) or any other test that will be at charge of the buyer.
  • Parents are tested for FIV, FeLV, HCM (with pawpeds veterinary), PKD, PK Deficiency and all the copies of these tests will be joined to kitten’s departure kit and  folder with all the other required documents.
  • Cats will be identified by electronic chip first in my name and then transferred to your name.
  • I propose videos and photos every two weeks so you can follow the baby growth. I find very frustrating not being able to see your baby cat grow, so I do as much as I can to allow you to see the baby as much and as often as possible. 

My contracts are adapted to the country which the cat is being sold to. The contract of a cat sold to the UK will be made in accord to UK laws.