Conditions of sale – pet companions

Attention I do not sell pet kittens in the UK because of the rabies vaccination. I sell to Belgium, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and any other European country where rabies vaccine is not needed to pass the border. The transportation must be made by car since if you take a flight, you will need rabies and a European pet passport.

If you are certain now that you want to adopt a Siberian baby with us, here are the terms and conditions of sale.
Your baby will love, trust and rely on you all his life, 15/16 years or more. You must think of every aspect to prepare your house and your life to receive the new family member.
Financial aspect, practical aspects of everyday life and also holidays when you cannot take him/her with you.
 If you decide to allow your cat outdoors, be aware that the life expectations of a outdoor cats is about 5 years (for the lucky ones) and there are several serious dangers to be considered. 
 It is your decision but I suggest that you go around your neighborhood to make an inventory of all possible dangers like big dogs, treated fields, roads etc
 There are solutions that could allow your cat to enjoy outdoors, sun and nature safely like outside enclosures and when the size allows, it is possible to secure a small garden with nets and other accessories. I will upload soon photos of my outside enclosure.

Cats will leave the cattery at 12 weeks:


  • The cats leave at 12 weeks with full vaccination. I however recommend a last dose at 4 months to make sure the vaccines will work correctly considering there are cases of kittens that had been fully vaccinated and contracted the disease anyway because the first dose was applied while the mother’s antibodies were still fully active in their system.
  •  Cats bought as pet for company will leave already neutered or without a registered pdigree. Please read our page about the early sterilisation. 
  •  All neutered cats leave with a copy of the Pedigree receipt provided by the LOOF and the pedigree itself will be sent as soon as available as the LOOF takes a couple of months to deliver the document. A Fife Pedigree can be requested as well.
  • If the cats is sold not neutered, this cat will be considered “type” and not Siberian and a contract made by my lawyer Cécile Peccavy will be signed. Please read the French version or ask for details if you can’t read in French.
  • The copy of parents pedigree, Russian and French will be joined as well as parent’s Fife tittles, medical tests and photos.
  • A guide and a Royal Canin starting kit will be offered as well as a bowl and the cat favourite toy.
  • Cats will be identified by electronic chip first in my name and then transferred to your name.
  • It is strictly forbidden to declaw one of my cats, declawing  for a cat is the equivalent of an amputation with very serious physical and psychological consequences for the cat. I would not hesitate to take legal action against such horrible act of cruelty and this is one of the clauses of my sale contract.
  • I propose videos and photos every 2 weeks so you can follow the baby growth. I find very frustrating not being able to see your baby cat grow, so I do as much as I can to allow you to see the baby as much and as often as possible. 
  • I can deliver a kitten in Paris Austerlitz train station at no charge but only at certain days (mostly Mondays).  If you need to have your kitten delivered in Paris any other day, I will need to come only to deliver the kitten and the train tickets to Paris will be charged  (around 50/60 euros).If you need a delivery to CDG/Orly airport, I can deliver your kitten for 150 euros.