Astera Amazone


Born in Texas, Usa 25/03/2014 NS23.
Dam: Astera Barcelona N22
Sire: Astera Jabari Ns 23
Blood Group A  Pedigree

Tested HCM neg byEric Bomassi attached to Pawpeds health program.
She was tested PK deficiency neg and FIV FELV once a year.

She does not carry colourpoint gene.

Echocardiographique 2015 (PDF)
Echocardiographique 2017 (PDF)

We call her Amy and she is my mother’s cat as she choose my mother from start. Amazone is very intelligent and she can basically open any door unless is locked! She could also open the fridge and we had to change to an american version of refrigerator because of this naughty girl. She LOVES Odessa dearly and follows Odessa everywhere. We are very happy to have Amy with us and my mother loves her dearly.

Amazone is a very important cat on my breeding plans as these Astera lines are quite rare and very different from the usual cats we find in Europe full of OG in their genealogy.

*Note for breeders: she has no Busik or Gelios on her pedigree. She is a medium size female and the legs are a bit high. Good fur structure and no rufus at all on her beautiful silver fur. She does not carry CP, dilution or solid.