Czarina of Meda Garden

Czarina of Meda Garden Silver Siberian at Damman Amur cattery

Born in Hungary 07/04/2014 NS 22.
Sire: Cica Shalun Boris
Dam: Cica Alyona Yaroslavovna Black

Blood group A Pedigree

Testée pour FIV, FeLV, PKD, PK Deficiency and tested neg HCM/PKD  with Eric Bomassi from Pawpeds health program.
Czarina does not carry CP gene.

Echocardiographique 2018 (PDF)

Czarina is a beautiful green eyes silver girl coming from Hungary, her parents are a US import from famous Cica bloodlines.
She doesn’t have a single Neva cat in her entire genealogy and there are no cp carriers on her entire genealogy, she is very important on both, silver and clean genealogy program.
Czarina is my husbands cat. When she arrived I tried to win the affection of the young lady with cuddles and sweets but despite all my efforts, she picked my husband. She still likes my treats and cuddles but she ADORES my husband passionately.

*Note for breeders: Czarina does not have Busik or Gelios on her pedigree and she is a large female around 5kg with good fur texture. He parents are US import from Cica bloodlines. She doesn’t carry CP, she is homozygote for silver and carries dilution.

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