Odessa Rossity

P1440239pmv Born 31/03/2013 in Moscow, Ns 24.
 NS 24 Black Silver  silver tabby.
 Sire:  Eu. Ch Veresk Onix Gloria.
 Dam: Ch. Dasha Rossity.
 Blood group A  Pedigree
 She was tested PKD and PK Deficiency by DNA both negative. Also tested every year  for FIV, FeLV .

 HCM neg test made by Eric Bomassi from Pawpeds health program.

She has her ADN identity card and she DOES NOT CARRY  colour point gene. She is a dilution carrier..

Odessa is a very pure Siberian and she has no Neva Masquarade ancestors in her whole genealogy tree that can be traced back to the foundation cats on this blood line.Odessa is a beauty and the most affectionate cat we have. She always has a purr to everyone and she loves being stroked for hours. She is the mother of Damman Amur Jazz and passed on her beautiful green eyes, luxuriant silver fur and super sweet temperament.

Note for breeders:  Odessa has 2 x Busik on her genealogy and 30 x Gelios. She is a large string girl about 4.5kgs with good fur structure.