Strekoza Manchzhury


Born in Moscow 06.11.2011, N 24 09.
 Sire: UraganTaezhnaya Skazka
 Dam: Vasilisa

 Blood Group Ab  Pedigree

 HCM and PKD with Bomassi (results available on Pawpeds) and she has been tested  FIV Felv.

Strekoza doesn’t carry CP gene.  

Echocardiographique 2018 (PDF)

Strekoza means butterfly in russian and the name is very appropriate to this girl who is very playful and loves flying toys.
She is beautiful and she simply is:  THE  REAL DEAL.  She is the daughter of the foundation Vasilisa found and brought to the breed by Natalya Komyak from Manchzhury while she was living in Vladivostok. 
She is divine and among the most clever cats I have ever seen. Strekoza has an amazing comprehention of situations and she can also sense my mood in seconds. She is a very talktive cat but rarely meows.  The structure of the fur is typical Siberian with long thick hair on the back and thick soft collar. She has a lot of hair in her paws and this is why she can walk comfortably in snow, also typical Siberian.
Her mother Vasilisa is in my opinion among the best foundation cats registered and I absolutely wanted to work with this line but close from Vasilisa. Also it is important to say Strekoza doesn’t have any neva on her genealogy and most lines with Vasilisa at foundation have been severely mixed with lines with nem and I absolutely want to carry on with Vasilisa creating lines free of neva.
To get Strekoza in France was very difficult and extremely expensive and she costed the equivalent of a small car  (very close, if trips and tests are included we are pretty much there) but I  decided to buy her despite all the risks involved in buying an 6 years old female who already had a few litters for a high amount of money. She probably hit the record of most expensive Sib sold ever. Since cost doesn’t matter when we are talking about a passion, I am very happy to have this girl in my life! The pleasure of having a daughter from Vasilisa is enormous as she is exactly what I believe Siberians were in the past. Actually they still ARE… and should remain, WILL remain with our work at Clean genealogy.
Strekoza gave me in april 11th 2017, two gorgeous kittens, Damman Amur Ninotchka and Nikita.

*Note for breeders:  she has NO gelios and only 1 Busik. She doesn’t carry cp, dilution or solid.

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