FIFe Champion Xaviera Onix Gloria


Born 11/06/2012 in Moscow

Sire: Filofey Malakhit  N 24

Da: Niagara Onix Gloria  NY 24 (golden)

Blood group A

PKD neg.

HCM neg.   Test made by Dr Donne in Rennes.

She has her ADN identity card and she DOES NOT CARRY the color point gene. CP negative

 Xaviera is pure gold in every way! Her black golden blotch fur is very attractive and sought after.

I love golden cats but I love more the Siberian type that we observe mostly in brown, black classic tabby cats.

Unfortunately, the quest for gold can sometimes lead to a loss in type and to light boned cats, thin texture of fur and other less desirable features to the Siberian type. It is necessary to chose well your golden queens and kings to gain in beauty and not lose in type.

Xaviera is a good example of a successful union between the desirable “gold” and the Siberian type.

 She has an excellent muscular body, lovely coat, good cheeks and profile, excellent chin and her ears that were high placed when she was a baby are now with time, getting exactly how they should be considering the head grows until full maturity at 2 years old. She had a “all excellent” in last Bezon’s show, her first Cacib  and a Best in Variety as well as a nomination for the Best in Show.

 She is an extremely intelligent and expressive cat. She can open doors, she always find that hidden toy and asks to play and  we basically communicate perfectly as if we could talk the same language.
Xaviera is a very affectionate cat, very easy going and confident. 

She gets on well with other cats , dogs, humans, she is a “contact girl” according to Marina Udimova her breeder.
At the same time, despite her charming personality, she is more of a “one person” cat because she is very exclusive and loyal to me. If someone else tries to take her, she gives a “polite excuse” and go away gently.  With me, she is cuddly and extremely affectionate and stay for hours on my lap.  She is my “baby love”  and more precious than any gold!

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 Family Album

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Her Russian pedigree and her LOOF pedigree.