Yuliushka Adagio

p1060103-girl-2-mp4-00_02_22_15-still015Born in Moscow 26.01.2016 N23.
Sire: Isyum Adagio N23
Dam: Eurydice Adagio N24

Blood Group A   Pedigree

HCM with Bomassi soon and she was tested for PKD, FIV FeLV and PK deficiency by DNA.
Yuliushka does not carry CP gene.

Echocardiographique 2019 (PDF)

Yuliushka is a very important cat on my plans. She is a mix from Vasilisa lines (great grand daughter) and Adagio. She is also THE REAL DEAL SIBERIAN KITTY and I have great plans for this girl.
She is a little clown and she makes us laugh a lot with her “funyness”. She is a great hunter and a very playful girl. When the little lady gets tired, she wants belly rubs and lots of cuddles.
She is not massive but fairly large about 4.2 kg at 18 months and she is the perfect Siberian in every way: Fur texture, morphology with a rounded barrel body, head, ears, profile, muzzle, she got it all.

*Note for breeders:  Yuli has 4 x times Busik and 2 x times Gelios.