FIFe Champion Taifun Adagio

p1050392Taifun Adagio, N23 born in Moscow 21/12/2014.
Sire: Lexus Adagio A23
Dam: Neringa Adagio N23
Blood groupe A
Taifun does not carry cp gene
He was tested for HCM  by Eric Bomassi. Bomassi is a pawpeds veterinaty and the test results are on pawped for total transparency.

He is neg for FIV FeLV and all his genetic tests are being made at the moment.

Taifun is a very sociable and sweet boy and he lives with my daughter Laura in Paris.p1050374-mp4-00_01_44_17
He has a very interesting genealogy close to foundation and he is dilution carrier. I brought Taifun because I wanted a beautiful brown male, dilution carrier to open up more colour possibilities but especially because I want to preserve this beautiful Adagio lines and keep them free of Neva presence. He is part of my clean genealogy program.
Taifun is a fairly large boy 6.2kgs at 2 year old (winter body), he is a muscular cat with a thick muscular short neck, broad chest and a nice barrel body but the legs aren’t too short. He has perfect fur texture and he looks like a wild cat coming right out from a forest. In truth he is a very cuddly, affectionate boy with great Siberian temperament.

Note for breeder: Taifun has 3 x Busik and 2 x Gelios only on his pedigree. Taifun is Riex 3. Good head but the profile isn’t as rounded as i would like. Good body but legs are a bit tall.  Great fur and tail.