FIFe International Champion Ilmen SIbaris.

DSC02636-v2 Ilmen Sibaris, NY 24 born in Moscow 18/06/2014
Sire: Heres Sibaris NY24
Dam: Quini Sibaris N 24
Blood group A


Ilemn was tested HCM last NOV 2016 by Eric Bomassi, feline cardiologist veterinarian working with pawpeds health programm.
He is also tested for PKD, Pk Deficiency by DNA, he is his genetic Identity card and he is also tested every year for FIV, Felv.

Ilemn does not carry CP gene.

Ilmen is a very impressive Siberian, very large and muscular (by 8 kg at 2 years old) and he is also a very intelligent and affectionate cat. He is Jazz’s best friend, they grew up together and became very close. Impossible to separate these two big fellas. They go on “honey moon” at the same time with their respective fiancées but they are very happy to find each other when the mating is finished. They are inseparable young, handsome bachelors! Ilmen doesn’t have any NEM ancestors on his entire genealogy and he is part of clean genealogy project.

*Note for breeders: Ilmen ony has 1 x Busik on his ped and despeite he is a golden cat he only has 20 x Gelios on his genealogy.