FIFe Champion Irvin Rossity

FIFe Champion Irvin RossityBorn 16/02/2012 in Moscow, N22 Brown classic tabby.
Sire: Kamysh Rossity N22
N 22
Dam: Silva Rossity  NY 22  
Blood type A. Pedigree

Tested PKD and Pk deficiency negative by DNA.
Tested HCM  neg Test made by Dr Eric Bomassi at the CHV Meaux.

Mr Bomassi attached to Pawpeds HCM health program and all the results go directly to Pawpeds for total tranparency . Pls click on link to view test. Irvin was test last January 2017 but the very last result wasn’t updated by Pawpeds but results are available on request.

Echocardiographique 2015 (PDF)
Echocardiographique 2016 (PDF)
Echocardiographique 2018 (PDF)

Irvin has his ADN identity card and DOES NOT CARRY Colourpoint gene. CP NEG.

Irvin is a pure Siberian and he does not have any Neva Masquarade ancestors in his whole genealogy tree that can be traced back to the first foundation cats of this bloodline.

He is a large, strong male of 6.200kgs at 12 months and 7.100  kgs now at 2 years old.  Perfect muscular Siberian body.

He has this “big wild cat” look that I absolutely love. Happilly, the wild beast remains only in his looks as Irvin is a real “baby love”, very sweet, affectionate and gentle. We call him Harley Babyson because of his deep, powerful purr. He is great with my daughter Victoria (8 yrs) as if he could understand that she is a “cub” and he is particularly sweet and gentle with her.

He is a real gentleman with the girls and a remarkable daddy. He participates actively in their education bath, games and of course MEALS! He loves “mother and baby cat” food.

Irvin is a calm, peaceful cat and he likes to observe the girls playing and running from his highest spot, with his lazy lion looks. He does like to play with realistic feather toys but he prefers playing with live bugs. He is a skilled hunter and not a single spider or insect escapes his claws.

I consider Irvin to be one of my best and most complete studs because he unites all I consider the most important in a stud: great health, wonderful temperament and intelligence, impeccable genealogy, very good Siberian type and good size.

* note for breeders: Irvin does not have Busik on his genealogy and he only has 10 x Gelio OG. Great morphology and body, large size (7.5kgs), fur structure good and good head. Rossity lines take a LONG time to mature. Irvin had quite an amazing growth and totally changed his head from 1 year to 4 years.

[nggallery id=3] Kamysh Rossity, his father and Silva Rossity, his mother. Silva is Int.Ch.WCF and Kamysh is RW SGC TICA, GC CFA, EC WCF, IC FIFe.

Kamysh 1 large_Silva_okt









Article with  Elena Gereninova his breeder about his father Kamysh Rossity.

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 His Russian pedigree and  LOOF’s as well.

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