Istok Sladkoe Pyatnyshko


Born 19th May 2015 at Tomsk, Russia N 24.
Sire: Cheernomor Sibirskoe Ochrovanie.
Dam: Angelur Shalunya.
Blood Group A   Pedigree  
Tested HCM neg last JAN 2018 by Eric Bomassi, veterinarian attached to Pawpeds health program. Results are sent directly to pawpes for total clarity. Pls click on the link to view Istok last test.
He is also tested for PKD, Pk Deficiency by DNA, he is his genetic Identity card and he is also tested every year for FIV, Felv. Istok does not carry CP gene. 

Echocardiographique 2016 (PDF)
Echocardiographique 2018 (PDF)

Istok is a very nice boy and an excellent stud who takes his job very seriously. He is a gentleman with the ladies but he won’t leave until the job is not done! He produces excellent type babies, homogenous litters and sociable kittens.
He is the result of the ONLY possible match from the Famous Sladkoe Pytanyshko cattery that doesn’t have neva and Istok is part of clean genealogy program.

*Note 2018: Istok is a revelation, making really great quality kittens with perfect heads. I am very happy with this boy.
*Note for breeders: Istok does not have Busik on his genealogy and only 13 x Gelios. He has great fur texture and he is a medium size boy 5.6 kg at one ear old. Good head with excellent ear placement and a very long “kranoyarsk tail”.

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