Musketyor of Zelenoglaska


Born 30/10/2015 in Moscow, a 23 Blue Mackerel tabby.
Sire: Lexus Adagio A23
Dam:  Mashunia Trofimna Adagio N23
Blood type A. Pedigree

Test Pk deficiency neg by DNA. 
Tested HCM neg Tested by Dr Eric Bomassi veterinarian attached to Pawpeds f HCM health program and all the results are sent  directly to Pawpeds for total transparency on results. Click on link to view Mushketyor last test.
Musketyor has his DNA identity card and CP NEG.

Echocardiographique 2017 (PDF)

Mushketyor has a lots of qualities including his beautiful blue mackeral fur, green eyes, a great temperament very relaxed on shows and super affectionate. He has a good head but he is not exactly an huge cat and more towards small/medium.  he is not light boned but he is a 4.8 kgs cat at 2 years old and he will reach top max 5kgs something when fully grown, so a small/medium cat.
He has a low Onyx Gloria influence and I decided to keep him despite the small size since he makes great babies either pets or shows cats like Damman Amur Naya.

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