Guarantee of quality

Guarantee of quality of Damman Amur studs and queens.

iDamman Amur Lia Siberian black spotted tabby
* Attention  to buy a Damman Amur breeding cat you must be interested in clean genealogy project, I only sell kittens if there is a real interest for the progress of the breed in collaboration with breeders who work in similar ways.

It is absolutely forbiden by contract to sell a kitten from one of my cats to France, Swizterland and Russia.

My studs and queen come from everywhere around the globe and I do not spare any effort to obtain the best lines and a large variety of bloodlines.

You will find Astera, Black,  Adagio and a few Kranoyarsk lines and also older OG lines with moderation. I also have a Riex program with Vasilisa, Neringa and Barsik as foundation to bring new blood to the breed.  Cats close from foundation will be observed for at least 3 years and very well tested for 3 generations before being sold as studs and queens to ensure the quality of new blood brought in.

I don’t use inbreeding or line breeding and inbreeding Co stay very low in most of our cats. Exactly to keep a variety of bloodlines in each kitten and low inbreeding, I own 7 studs from very different lines.

I make a lot of research before buying each one of my cats. Checking all HCM databases and general information available.

All my acts are tested with a Pawpeds veterinary for the HCM health program. I travel 300 km to make all my HCM with Eric Bomassi who is the best heart Specialist around and own a high tech last generation scaner and doppler machine.

dsc09814mI provide Blood group and all the tests like FIV FeLV PKD and Corona if requested.  I also make an x ray of the tail of each baby going to be a future stud and queen make sure there are no kinks.

All the studs and queens are tested before their first litter.

I have several matches that do not have NEM, Gelios OG or Busik in the entire genealody.

If you buy a Damman Amur kitten that turns out to be sterile, a new cat will be proposed  as replacement at symbolic (*please see conditions on sales contract).