Guarantee of quality

Guarantee of quality of Damman Amur studs and queens.

* To buy a Damman Amur breeding cat you must be interested in Clean Genealogy project, I only sell kittens if there is a real interest for the future of the breed and a contribution to Siberian gene pool, keeping the bloodlines healthy and free of nem in collaboration with breeders who work in similar ways.Damman Amur Nessa

It is absolutely forbiden by contract to sell a kitten from one of my cats to France, Swizterland and Russia.

My studs and queens come from everywhere around the globe and I do not spare any effort to obtain the best lines and a large variety of bloodlines. Some of the matches made at Damman Amur haven’t been made anywhere else int he world (not even in Russia).

You will find Astera, Black,  Adagio and a few Kranoyarsk lines and also older OG lines with moderation. I also have a Riex program with Vasilisa, Neringa and Barsik as foundation to bring new blood to the breed.  Cats close from foundation will be observed for at least 3 years and very well tested for 3 generations before being sold as studs and queens to ensure the quality of new blood brought in.Damman Amur Naya

I don’t use inbreeding or close line breeding in kittens born at the cattery and consequently inbreeding Co stays very low in most Damman Amur cats. Exactly to keep a variety of bloodlines in each kitten and low inbreeding, I own 8 studs from very different lines.

I make a lot of research before buying each one of my cats. Checking all HCM databases and all general information available.

All my cats are tested with a Pawpeds veterinarian taking part of their HCM health program. I travel 600 km to make all my HCM with Eric Bomassi who is the best heart Specialist around and own a high tech last generation scanner and doppler machine. All the results are sent directly to Pawpeds with the goal of working with total transparency. All my cats with NO EXCEPTION are tested with Pawpeds health program.

I provide Blood group and all the tests like FIV FeLV PKD PK Deficiency and Corona if requested. End 2017, all the cats were tested for Giardiose and T-Foetus and all cats are clean. I also make an x ray of the tail of each baby going to be a future stud and queen make sure there are no kinks.

All the studs and queens are tested before their first litter for all the diseases mentioned Damman Amur Liaabove.

I have several matches that do not have NEM, Gelios OG or Busik in the entire genealody.

If you buy a Damman Amur kitten that turns out to be sterile, a new cat will be proposed  as replacement at symbolic price, only the real cost of the cat is charged (*please see conditions on sales contract).