Siberian cats

I am a member of the Siberian International Club ISBC

Welcome to Damman Amur traditional Siberian cats.
We are a family of 5 cat fanciers and the desire to breed cats came naturally to us.
We choose P1440239pmvSiberian cats for several reasons but I must say that I fell in love instantly with their natural “wild cat” look, amazing social skills and character.
We now have 12 Siberian cats coming from the TOP BEST Siberian catteries in Russia.

Our cats live with us, including my 7.800 kgs stud, Rossity Irvin who is taking his afternoon nap beside my desk, in his basket as I write.

They live in great style and we created a very comfortable structure with outside garden enclosure, nursery, play room to offer them the best of everything and above all, lots of love.

Why choose a Siberian?


There is no genetic disease associated to this breed like the PKD with the Persians or SMA (Spinal muscular atrophy) and hip dysplasia on Maine Coon cats (X-rays submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals between 1974 and 2011 indicates that 24.3% of Maine Coons in the database were dysplastic) or the GSD-IV (Glycogen Storage Disease IV) on Norwegian Forest cats.
This would be a long list if I carried on with all the breeds and their related potential diseases but the point here is to invite you to make your own research and I am pretty certain you will come to the same conclusion that I did: Siberians are by far the healthiest and less “manipulated” breed existing nowadays.

And last but not least, Siberian cats produce very small amounts of the fel d1 protein responsible for most allergies to cats.
However it is not possible to affirm that Siberians are hypoallergenic cats but If you suffer from a cat allergy that is not too severe, there is a very good chance that you could live happily with a Siberian cat. (especially a neutered Siberian cat as neutered cats produce even less quantities of the allergen). For further information, please check our “Allergy” page.

Talking about character; the Siberian is a “dog like cat” and is very loyal to their owner and family. They do not fear water, on the contrary, they enjoy playing on/with water. They are amazing hunters and they learn and adapt very fast to any situation.
My girl Damman Amur Naya, loves going to shows and she doesn’t mind the car trip or hotels as long as she is with me.

I must confess that look and beauty are also among the most important features that I appreciate about Siberians. I love their natural look of wild cat ” lion/tiger like”, their thick fur, muscular body and the general ” round” aspect with full cheeks and harmonious head.Damman Amur Isadora

I also would like to invite you now, to take a tour of our website and you will find on each cat page, their pedigree, tests results and the family photo album. Our cats have spectacular ancestors like the famous Kamysh Rossity who is, in my opinion, one of the finest and most perfect Siberian studs around and Vasilisa, who is among my favorites foundation cats.