Stashkot Ahimsa

10616488_769912596412670_5379130747510582388_nBorn 31/07/2014 in Warsaw Poland N 24.
Sire: Landysh Sibaris NY 24
Dam: Fraszka Od Ivanki N 24
Blood group A  Pedigree

She was tested for PKD, Pk Deficiency and every year for Fiv FeLV.
Ahimsa was tested last Jan 2017 for HCM by Eric Bomassi in charge of Pawpeds program in the Paris region.

Amisa is a wonderful female:  Great size  (5 kgs more or less) she has excellent fur texture which she passes on very well, very nice profile and beautiful green eyes. Ahimsa is one of my best females and she does have great looks and type but her best feature is her temperament:  she has a true Siberian temperament. She is a peaceful cat, gets on well with most of my females and if there is conflict, it is certainly not started by Ahimsa!
She is extremely affectionate, calm and the perfect “sofa cuddles” girl.

Ahimsa is a part of my clean genealogy project and she does not have any Neva ancestors on her entire genealogy.

Note for breeders: Ahimsa has 1x Busik and 14 times Gelios on her pedigree. She is a large female about  5kgs with great fur texture and a super temperament.